Climate Change

Many people are concerned about adaptation to climate change impacts and searching for ways to reduce their own environmental impact. In this blog series, we’ll present information about local and statewide climate impacts and issues. These posts are an opportunity for us to summarize information from other sources, and also add our own personal thoughts on the matter.

It’s All Connected–How Climate Change is Affecting Our Lakes
Talk the Talk: How Conversations Can be the Most Effective Tool Against Climate Change
Climate Change: What does perception have to do with it? 

Meet the Writers

Michelle Probst, Natural Resources Educator or 608-224-3696
Michelle provides educational programs on natural resource issues. She supports community organizations, committees, and departments in informed decision-making, strategic planning, and their overall efforts to improve the Dane County community’s environmental benefits and natural resource assets.

Sharon Lezberg, Community Development Educator or 608‐224‐3719
Sharon provides educational programs and planning and facilitation support for nonprofit and civic organizations and units of local government to build organizational capacity and promote inclusive public engagement.