Wisconsin Composting Stewards Course

Dane County Extension has offered periodic Composter Trainings to provide training for anyone who wishes to teach others about home composting, including backyard composting and vermicomposting. Currently, Extension is revamping the composting curriculum and we plan to offer Wisconsin Composting Stewards as a free online course in the Fall of 2022.  This course will be asynchronous so participants can learn on their own schedule. By taking Wisconsin Composting Stewards, participants will learn the following:

  • The environmental impact of landfilling organic waste, including climate change, and how composting can be a solution to address the climate crisis
  • How to create and maintain a composting system at home
  • How to use finished compost and how compost can improve soil health
  • How to promote composting in your community
  • Strategies and opportunities to start a composting project in your community

To receive updates on when Wisconsin Composting Stewards will launch, please sign up for our composting email list. 

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