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It’s June in the Teaching Garden

This year, unlike last year, we have certainly not had to worry about watering! Everything is huge and luxuriant (unfortunately, this includes mosquitoes in the evening). So many things are flowering that I had trouble choosing what to cover. I decided that I would focus on ‘daisies’ since we have several cultivars (this word is […]

Responding to Scary Events

Violence, war, and loss have become common in our communities. Parents and other caring adults can positively support children as they hear about scary news or experience traumatic events that happen in school settings or in the community. For children of all ages, a safe and trusted adult is the most important protection. Caring adults […]

It’s Spring in the Teaching Garden!

It’s a great time of year. Bulbs, native spring wildflowers and various trees and shrubs are all blooming! Here are some of the highlights over the past three to four weeks. Bulbs: We have a couple of late-season daffodils still blooming. ‘Palmares’ is a member of Division 11 of the Narcissus genus. That division has […]

Save the Date: Fathers In Focus Conference 2024

Join us at the Inaugural Fathers In Focus Conference 2024, a pivotal platform for fathers across Wisconsin to converge, connect, and collectively address challenges in their roles. Through workshops facilitated exclusively by men and fathers, we aim to pinpoint and discuss predominant issues impacting fatherhood. Let’s inspire change and empower all fathers to play a more active role in their families and communities. #SavetheDate #Fatherhood2024 #DadsEverywher #DadsMatter #UWEXT

Return to Winter (Briefly)

If you are feeling a bit of weather whiplash, you are not alone. Some plants have leafed out or are blooming a few weeks earlier than usual due to the record-breaking warm weather in February and early March. Now, Mother Nature as she often does, is doing a bit of a course correction and we […]

It’s Time to Start Seeds – Check Out Our Seed Starting Workshop!

The 3rd-4th week in March is a great time to start seeds in the southern half of the state. We are holding a seed starting workshop this Saturday at the Dane County Extension office. This in-person event begins with a lecture on seed starting techniques and principles followed by a hands-on session in the Dane County Extension Teaching Garden Greenhouse where attendees can practice planting seeds and will take home some seeds in packs that they have planted. There are still spaces left if you’d like to come.

Check Your Ash Trees for Signs of Emerald Ash Borer This Winter

Woodpecker flecking on ash bark Photo credit Lisa Johnson Woodpecker Flecking on Ash Photo credit Wisconsin DNR Even before humans are able to detect signs of emerald ash borer in ash trees, woodpeckers know the larvae are there, feeding just under the tree’s bark. Woodpecker damage, called “flecking,” occurs when birds peck away the top […]

Now Available! 2024 Dane County Plat Book

The book now offers detailed information about county roads, large land ownership, parks, and outdoor recreation opportunities. It also shows the locations of Dane County parks, publicly owned lands, churches, schools, cemeteries and municipal halls. Other unique features of the book include aerial photos of jurisdictions. This plat book was created entirely in-house, helping to reduce production […]

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