Fall 2023 Green Thumb Gardening Series – Closed

September 21: Soils, Composting and Fertilizers:
Good soils are vital to growing healthy plants. This class will present information on the physical and chemical structure of soils and introduce techniques for improving the soil you have. We will also cover information about soil testing and test results. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

September 28: Fall-planted Bulbs for Spring-blooming Flowers:
This talk goes beyond tulips and daffodils (although they are covered as well) and focuses on perennial bulb and corm species that don’t get as much attention but are stellar garden plants, such as crocus, Puschkinia, chionodoxa and alliums. We will also discuss bulbs for sun and shade situations, deterring critters that eat bulbs, and general bulb care. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

October 5: Great Ornamental Grasses for Home Gardens:
There are many beautiful species from tall to small, clumping and sod-forming to choose from that you can grow in a variety of situations, from shade to sun. We will cover native and non-native species and cultivars, planting, propagation and maintenance. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

October 12: Fall Fireworks: Plants for Fall Color:
People tend to think about maple trees when they think about fall color, and beautiful maples certainly abound. But there are many other woody species, trees and shrubs both that also provide plenty of fall interest. Tree and shrub diversity is important in a healthy, resilient landscape, so while we will talk about maples, we will cover other great species as well. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

October 19: Getting the Garden Ready for Winter:
Gardeners love summer.  But as the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end,” so too does the gardening season come to an end.  You may ask yourself, “Now what should I do?”  Should I rake the leaves or leave them on the yard?  Should I aerate or thatch the lawn before winter?  How should I protect my shrubs and new trees from winter wildlife?  All these questions and more will be answered in this presentation. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

October 26: Shady Characters: Great Perennials for Shade:
Learn about how to select perennials for your garden as well as general care, propagation and maintenance. Find out about herbaceous perennial plants (native and non-native) that will thrive in light, medium and deep shade. We will also discuss plants that tolerate dry shade and wet shade. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

November 2: Bright Futures: Great Perennial Plants for Sun:
Learn about how to select perennials for your garden as well as general care, propagation and maintenance. We will discuss a wide variety of native and non-native species that will do well in full, hot sun in dry areas all the way to half-sun locations. (Speaker Lisa Johnson)

You can register for classes as a package for a slight discount, or choose selected classes for a slightly higher cost. In cases of financial need, a limited number of scholarships are available. Contact Lisa Johnson at Johnson.lisa@danecounty.gov for more information.

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