Pollinator Educational Gardens Getting Ready to Bloom in Dane County

Pollinators aid plant reproduction by transferring pollen from flower to flower. Three-fourths of the world’s flowering plants depend on pollinators to reproduce.  Wisconsin’s pollinator dependent crops account for $44 million in annual production. Wisconsin pollinators include bees, butterflies, moths, flower flies, beetles, wasps, and hummingbirds. Pollinators and bees in particular are currently threatened by an […]

UW-Extension releases new series on Wisconsin Economy.

Windicators The UW-Extension Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) has announced a new series on the Wisconsin economy. This new series, referred to as “WIndicators”, is available here:  http://economicdevelopment.extension.wisc.edu/windicators/ The first issue in this new series discusses income inequality in Wisconsin.  Future topics will include exploration of the Kauffman Entrepreneurship Index, and patterns in housing stress […]

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