2019 Green Thumb Gardening Classes

The Green Thumb Gardening class series will give you the practical knowledge to keep your home garden thriving! University of Wisconsin Extension educators and local horticulture experts will provide in depth and accessible information for everyone from the novice to the experienced gardener.

Check back for updates on the 2019 Fall classes


  • February 21:  Seed Starting and Saving
  • February 28:  Vegetable Garden Planning & Techniques
  • March 7:        Garden Landscape Design
  • March 14:      Hot Composting & Vermiculture
  • March 21:      Native Plants for Gardens & Pollinators
  • March 28:      Managing Vegetable Garden Pests & Diseases
  • April 4:           Backyard Chickens
  • April 11:         Flower Gardening
  • April 18:         Lawn Care


Class Descriptions

  • Native Plants for Gardens and Pollinators: Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Educator will discuss native prairie plants for gardens and some of the best plants to choose to attract butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Vegetable Garden Planning & Techniques: Dane County UW-Extension Small-Scale and Organic Produce Educator Claire Strader will cover organic techniques for growing vegetables, with an emphasis on practical strategies for a successful harvest.
  • Garden Landscape Design: Ben Futa, Director at Allen Centennial Garden, will cover fundamentals and elements of landscape design for your annual or perennial garden.
  • Hot Composting & Vermiculture: This class covers various techniques including worm composting (vermiculture) and hot composting. Taught by Joe Muellenberg, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Program.
  • Managing Vegetable Garden Pests: Diseases, Insects, and more: Learn how to prevent and manage diseases and insects that afflict a variety of plants in the home garden. Taught by Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Educator.
  • Backyard Chickens:  Learn from Ron Kean, UW-Extension Poultry Specialist, on how to best care for your small flock of egg-layers in a backyard setting.
  • Flower Gardening: Learn general techniques for selecting, planting, and caring for annuals and perennials. The session will also highlight new and recommended varieties. Taught by Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW-Extension Horticulture Program.
  • Seed Starting and Saving: Learn different techniques to collect and preserve seeds from the garden, germinate seeds at home, and care for your seedlings as they emerge.
  • Lawn Care: Learn from Doug Soldat, UW-Extension Turf Specialist, on how to best select, start, and maintain a lawn of turfgrass best suited to your needs.