New Tree Planting Handout

One of the tools we have for climate resilience and mitigating the effects of urban heat islands in cities is planting more large-scale trees.

This new two-sided publication from Dane County Extension Horticulture and the Tree Canopy Collaborative illustrates the steps in planting a tree, whether it is in a pot, bare root or has the rootball burlapped (balled and burlapped or B&B).

Planting trees properly will extend their life span. Many people are unaware that the root flare (also called trunk flare), the area where the trunk flares out and connects with the root system should be at or slightly above ground level. This part of the trunk should not be buried. The handout shows you how to find the root flare and make sure it is above the soil grade. It also illustrates other steps in the tree-planting

Here is a link to the document: Click here

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