Retirement Planning Today

You’ve worked hard to provide for your family and save for your future. Learn how to keep more of what you earn and make your money work harder for you. This educational workshop is hosted by the Dane County Extension and the team of advisors at Wealth Distribution Strategies, along with guest speaker John Haslam […]

WeCOPE: Connecting with our Positive Emotions

WeCOPE is an interactive program that helps adults cope with life stress.  WeCOPE has been shown to reduce stress and depression, increase positive affect, and improve health behaviors. Managing life’s challenges in healthy ways allows participants to take better care of themselves and others.  Click here to register! This 6-week program meets via Zoom, once a […]

Focus on Fathers

A series of online classes designed for dads and open to all. Connect with other fathers while learning to boost your child’s social and emotional skills.

Resilient Parenting & Caregiver Workshops

Join any or all of the sessions to learn different skills and strategies to help your child manage various emotions and build their emotional intelligence. All sessions are from 4-5 pm and will be presented in-person at the Bayview Community Center, in Madison.

Teaching Children about Emotions

This workshop is for any parents, caregivers and childcare professionals!
Children will experience and continue to experience so many new feelings and
emotions throughout their life, and some can be more challenging to address
than others. In the two-part series workshops, we explore why feelings are important and how you can support your child to develop their emotional intelligence.


Visit our website to find out more and register.

Register by September 25, 2023, to reserve your spot!

Testing Seed Viability

Seed starting time is coming! Do you know if your seeds are viable? Here are some tips to keep in mind. Fresh seed germinates best. Seed packets are labeled with the date they are best used by. Though seeds are usually viable longer than that date, some species lose viability faster, and germination decreases for […]

Support for Non-profit Organizations Goes Virtual

Dane County Extension has long provided non-profit organizations with strategic planning, program planning, facilitation, and evaluation support. This support has continued through the coronavirus pandemic, with modifications for a virtual environment. Our programs to support non-profits have expanded to address the unique circumstances that organizations are operating under at this time. When COVID-19 hit, our […]

Extension creates new guide to healthy and sustainable meetings

Creating a culture of health at conferences and meetings is one way to model wellness and encourage those we work with to eat healthy and be physically active. Claire Mance, Dane County Extension Healthy Communities Coordinator, has developed this guide to assist you in planning your own healthy meeting with foods and activities that are […]

Pollinator Educational Gardens Getting Ready to Bloom in Dane County

Pollinators aid plant reproduction by transferring pollen from flower to flower. Three-fourths of the world’s flowering plants depend on pollinators to reproduce.  Wisconsin’s pollinator dependent crops account for $44 million in annual production. Wisconsin pollinators include bees, butterflies, moths, flower flies, beetles, wasps, and hummingbirds. Pollinators and bees in particular are currently threatened by an […]

UW-Extension releases new series on Wisconsin Economy.

Windicators The UW-Extension Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) has announced a new series on the Wisconsin economy. This new series, referred to as “WIndicators”, is available here: The first issue in this new series discusses income inequality in Wisconsin.  Future topics will include exploration of the Kauffman Entrepreneurship Index, and patterns in housing stress […]

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