Planting for Pollinators

Join us for a fun, hands-on Pollinator Week event on June 21st 5-7pm where you can learn all about our pollinators, design a native garden to attract them, AND leave with plants to start your garden!

Participants can visit several learning stations, including:

Garden Design (and take home the plants)
Rainfall Simulator
Native Insect Display – Insect Ambassadors
Planting & Maintenance Demo and Test area
Pollinator information and Resources

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This event is limited to 50 households. Multiple people from the household can attend but each household is limited to 16 plants. Only one person per household should register. Kids are welcome but must be supervised by their adults at all time. Due to the hands on nature, it might not be a good fit for younger children.

ABOUT THE GARDEN DESIGN STATION To make the most of the garden design station, it would be helpful to think about where in your yard you would like to put a native garden. We will have enough plants for you to design a garden that is approximately 5×5 feet. Once you have selected an area for your garden, determine the sunlight and soil moisture of that space so you can select plants that fit your needs:

Full Sun – more than 6 hours of direct sun per day
Part Sun – 3-6 hours of sun
Shade – less than 3 hours of direct sun per day

Is the spot you’ve chosen a spot that is usually wet? Does it dry out very quickly? Check our site in advance of the workshop to figure out if it is wet, medium or mostly dry.

IMPORTANT SIGN UP DETAILS When registering, please select ONE for number of people attending (even if multiple people from your household are attending). We have enough plants for 50 households and selecting ONE for number of people will allow each household to have a spot. Sign up here

ORGANIZERS This event is organized by: Dane County Land & Water Resources Department, Xerces Society, UW Madison Extension, and the Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership.