2022 Organic Vegetable Production Conference Materials Available

The 2022 Organic Vegetable Production Conference is over but you can still take advantage of the conference materials. All video recordings, presentations, and handouts are available now for only $50 for all materials ($40 for FairShare Farms).

Register here to receive all conference materials.

This producer-initiated conference is designed for advanced growers and attracts participants from throughout the Midwest and beyond.

The conference is over, but if you’re interested you can view the trailer for the conference to give you a preview of what to expect:

“Best Midwest conference, loaded with advanced growers sharing trade secrets.  A definite level up to any organic vegetable grower.”  – Caleb Trainer, Winterspring Farm

“I come to this conference with questions that are answered by the time I leave.  This is now how I look forward to starting the season.” – Meg Kelly, High Meadow Farm

“The handouts alone are worth the cost of the conference. Side by side comparisons of farms of different sizes/contexts with VERY comprehensive prompts/questions.”  – Evan Barry, Down River Farm

“I love this conference because it fills the ‘pro-level’ niche.”   – Katie Bishop, PrairiErth Farm