Civil Leadership for Vibrant Communities

If you live or work in Wisconsin, you are invited to register for Civil Leadership for Vibrant Communities.

Register here. Registration deadline is Friday, August 27. Tuition is $150.

This program builds civil leadership skills — and leadership networks — in an engaging 8 session virtual series. It is made possible through a partnership with Braver Angels — a nationally-known, kind of a big deal non-profit organization.

Leaders who lead and foster civil conversations and welcome diverse perspectives make better decisions. That’s particularly important now, when communities, non-profits, and businesses are making decisions in a historically unique time of transition — and when there is a broad concern about difficulty in having community issues.

The learning is based on research-based family therapy strategies applied to political issues. Civil conversations about political issues is like the civil leadership Olympics — when we do that, we can also apply those skills to local conversations.

This leadership series is about building and honing civil leadership skills. It is not about changing any person’s perspectives on any policy. It is about increasing understanding.