Current Conversations on Mental Health

Join us for in-depth and meaningful conversations on topics related to youth mental health.  This is a series where young people will build community across the state.  We will practice supporting each other in deep conversations.

The first session will be on anxiety and the following session topics will be directed by what is important to participants.

We will meet every other week starting Thursday, June 24 for 4 weeks, ending August 5.  Meetings will be held via zoom at 7:30PM.

Youth grades 9-12 register on the VLC website Virtual Learning Community – Wisconsin 4-H or in 4Honline under Events.  Register by June 14.

Our “Current Conversations” are a space to discuss what we observe in our communities, ask questions, and share resources.  Participants will have a chance to listen and learn from others around the state.  No one viewpoint will be valued over another.  Everyone’s voice will be heard.  Every conversation includes:  1) all reflection questions and content provided ahead of time (no surprises), 2) a discussion on what makes a brave and safe space, 3) a variety of participation methods for you to choose from, 4) equal time for all points of view (no ‘right’ answers), 5) time for youth to speak about their own experiences as leaders in their community, 6) follow up resources.  Come Do-Reflect-Apply with us!