Juntos Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Positive Youth Development Institute is excited to offer the Juntos Program to Wisconsin families this fall. Juntos, which means “together” in Spanish, seeks to engage Latino middle and high school students and their parents in a series of workshops focused on education. The Juntos Program is an opportunity for families to gain knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure success in school and to encourage families to work together to make college a family goal.

Details of the Juntos Program are as follows:

  • Families will participate in a 6-week workshop series; 1 hour each week
  • Workshops will be bilingual, held via Zoom, and are free; registration is preferred
  • These sessions will be held at 6-7pm from Oct. 20 – Nov. 24, 2020
  • Parents and youth participate together

Juntos was developed by North Carolina State Extension in 2007. Evaluation results in North Carolina have revealed that 92% of parents reported increased confidence in working with their child’s school. Parents also reported significant improvements in other areas such as monitoring their teenager’s homework, talking with their teenager about school, and talking with their teenager about college or other future plans. Youth participants report increased knowledge of higher education options, financial aid, and college entrance exams as well as increased communication with their parents about their future after high school.


Community partnerships are critical to ensure the success of the program. We are reaching out to partners to help us to recruit families. We are also looking for partners with knowledge of opportunities to earn higher education credit in high school, college entrance requirements, and financial aid. Besides seeking individuals who work for a higher education institute, we are recruiting current Latinx college students or recent graduates to share their experiences with program participants.


If you are interested in assisting with recruitment or other parts of the program, we will be having a one-hour informational meeting for current or potential partners on September 17th from 3:30-4:30pm.  Please register HERE

Please contact Juntos Wisconsin Coordinator Adam Trunzo at adam.trunzo@wisc.edu or 715-538-2311 ext210 or your local county educator with any questions.