Zegler Steps into Crops & Soils Educator Role

Chelsea Zegler has spent the last 10 years in Dane County learning about agriculture across the state through diverse perspectives, including weed science, forage production, and soil science. Most recently she managed UW-Extension State Specialist, Matt Ruark’s, Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystem laboratory, where she conducted research on nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in grain, forage, and vegetable crops. She has experience studying innovative cover crop strategies and their effect on crop yield and soil nutrients. Chelsea previously worked for the Agronomy Department where she developed content for the Wisconsin Crop Manager Newsletter, Farm and Industry Short Course, and aided in the herbicide evaluation program.

Chelsea received her Bachelor’s degree at UW-Madison and continued there to complete a Master’s in Agroecology, where she focused on forage production and soil health on dairies across the state, partnering with the Dairy Forage Research Center and industry partners. Chelsea is honored to join Dane County Extension and is excited to use her skills to help farmers and landowners with their production and conservation concerns. She hopes to collaborate with producers and researchers to address farm profitability, extreme weather events, and water quality issues. Specifically, she wants to increase the efficiency of current cropping systems, the diversity of cropping systems, and the number of on-farm research trials.

Please give her a call today at 608-224-3716 or email zegler.chelsea@countyofdane.com. Chelsea looks forward to hearing from you!