Welcome Interns!

We are excited to have four interns working with us this summer. These students each bring a great deal of knowledge and life experience to our department. We look forward to learning with them while providing quality real life community-based educational experiences.

Megan Betts

Megan Betts is working with Sharon Lezberg, Community Development Educator, on a collaborative project this summer with Dane County Extension and the Madison Community Foundation to identify training needs of the nonprofit organizations in Dane County.

Megan is a graduate student in the Sociology Department at UW-Milwaukee. Her work centers around identity; the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, age, physical ability, neuro-diversity, as well as power and privilege.


Jarret Johnson

Jarret Johnson is the Financial Education Center Summer Intern this summer and is going to work on a financial education project with Karina Mendoza, Financial Educator and Deb Neubauer, Financial Education Center Director. He is excited to learn more about how personal finance can be incorporated into the nonprofit sector and what impact it can have on the community, as well as learn more about the Financial Coaching program already in place.

Jarret is a rising senior at UW-Madison and graduating this December with a degree in Personal Finance – Financial Planning with certificates in Business and Entrepreneurship. He chose this major to pair a passion for helping people with his interest in finance, and thinks that his time working as the FEC Intern will be a great step in exploring his career path. In his free time he enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time with his dog.

Marcia Piña

Marcia Piña is working in the Youth Advocates for Community Health with Javier Neira and Claire Mance. Marcia is also providing some youth horticulture training at the Grow Academy.

My name is Marcia Piña, I am a Venezuelan immigrant who came to this country for the sole purpose of obtaining a degree in Nutritional Sciences. I am passionate about nutrition. Through my experience working with marginalized youth in Venezuela, I have seen first hand the benefits of nutritional education. When I was in Venezuela, I was part of a group of students that worked with orphaned youth focusing on horticulture and promoting a active and healthy lifestyle through organized activities. Through UW-Extension I have been given the opportunity to continue to educate youth on the benefits and importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition education. I am so excited to be part of such a unique program that enriched the lives of those in need.

Tori Tiso

Tori Tiso is the 4-H Communications and Marketing Intern working with Lisa Curley, 4-H Program Coordinator, and the Dane County 4-H Marketing Committee this summer.

Tori has been actively involved in 4-H for several years, participating as a member of Big Foot Pioneers 4-H club and working as the Walworth County Key Photography Leader. Tori is a rising senior at UW-Madison and is majoring in English with Creative Writing and a certificate in photography. As a native of Wisconsin, she hopes to learn more about Madison’s 4-H culture and help connect 4-H with the community.